Become an Influencer for the Day

Hang out at our small event venue and selfie museum in Casper, WY

Does your Instagram need an overhaul? Trying to plan a fun activity for you and your friends in Casper, WY? Turn to Selfie Studios 307! Our selfie museum has backdrops for you to pose in front of and unleash your inner model. We are also a small event venue, so you can rent our space for a private party and take photos for as long as you want.

You'll be amazed by all the photo opportunities that are yours for the taking in our studio. Check out our selfie museum right away!

We welcome everyone to our selfie museum

Whether you're a pro behind the camera or just looking for a good time, Selfie Studios 307 is the place for you. Our studio is inclusive, and we welcome people of all ages and genders to hang out with us. All you have to do is show up and get ready to show off your stuff!

3 things to know about our studio

It's not every day you hear of a selfie museum. If you're not sure what to expect at our venue, here are some things to know:

1. We have 19 backdrops and 15 installments for you to take pictures in front of.

2. Each room gives you the chance to use different lighting, angles and filters to get the shot you want.

3. There's no limit to the poses you can choose to hit, so don't be afraid to express yourself!

And, our picture-taking paradise is also a small event venue. Book a party at our museum now.